Smt. Sonia Gandhi, the most revered politician in the national scenario was born into a family of modest means in an Italian village on the banks of a..BETA
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Sonia Gandhi

Sonya Gandhi, sonya gandi, soniya gandi

Smt. Sonia Gandhi, the most revered politician in the national scenario was born into a family of modest means in an Italian village on the banks of a river 57 years ago with the name Sonia Maino. In the recent days she has created not only in the national but also in the international politics becoming the President of India's century-old Congress party. By this she has become the third woman of foreign..

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: Sonia Gandhi Born 9 December, 1946 Lusiana, Italy Residence New Delhi Constituency Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Politicalparty Congress (I) Spouse Rajiv Gandhi Children Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka GandhiAs of July 4, 2006Source: [1]Sonia Gandhi (Hindi:

As of July 4, 2006Source: [1]Sonia Gandhi (Hindi: सोनिया गांधी, IPA: [soːnɪjaː gaːndʰiː]),leader of the Congress Party of India, born Edvige Antonia Albina Maino on December..

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Johannesburg - India's Congress Party leader Sonia Gandhi met with South African President Thabo Mbeki and several South African ministers in Cape Town on Wednesday on the second day of her trip to ...
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Date: 15 December 2006. Message from Sonia Gandhi on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Montessori Movement
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About this Author Dana Blankenhorn has been a business journalist for over 25 years and has covered the online world professionally since 1985. He founded the "Interactive Age Daily" for CMP Media ...
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... hope foror hauntedpolitical life in India: What would Sonia Gandhi choose to do? ... prime minister of India after Sonia Gandhi, whose husband Rajiv was assassinated, ...
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9. IOL: Sonia Gandhi arrives in SA
The leader of India's ruling party, Sonia Gandhi, arrived in South Africa on Tuesday for a three-day visit in a bid to strengthen ties between the two nations, the foreign ministry said.
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14. Sonia Gandhi Biography - Love at first sight, Rajiv reluctantly enters politics, A grieving widow
... after her husband's death, Sonia Gandhi reluctantly followed in her famous ... Sonia Gandhi was born Sonia Maino on December 9, 1947, in the small village of ...
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15. Sonia Gandhi is sixth most powerful woman - Forbes | Top News ...

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Sonia Gandhi: 6th Most Powerful Woman in the world

Forbes magazine rates her as the sixth most powerful woman in the world....India

Sonia writes in Urdu for Muslims

Cong President Sonia Gandhi has written a letter to 15000 Muslim opinion makers asking them to vote for the party....CNN IBN sonia muslims
  India's Sonia Gandhi meets Nelson Mandela on visit to South Africa ...
comIndia's Sonia Gandhi meets Nelson Mandela on visit to South AfricaInternational Herald Tribune - 19 hours agoAP JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: Sonia Gandhi, leader of India's governing party, met..
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  India's Sonia Gandhi calls on Mandela on South Africa visit (AFP)
The leader of India's ruling party, Sonia Ghandi, seen in-front of a AFP - The leader of India's ruling party, Sonia Ghandi, on Wednesday met with South African former president Nelson Mandela..
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