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Dhule district

Dhule district WIKIPEDIA

: Dhule District is a district of Maharashtra state in central India.

Dhule District is a district of Maharashtra state in central India. The Dhule district is the northern tip of Maharashtra. The city of Dhule is the administrative headquarter of the district. The Dhule..

Dhule district LINKS

1. Ethnologue report for language code:khn
Region: Maharashtra, Dhule District, Sakri tahsil, Nasik District, Satna tahsil, Nandurbar district, Nandurbar and Shahada tahsils; Gujarat. Alternate names : Khandeshi, Khandish, Dhed ...
http://www. ethnologue. com/show_language. asp?code=khn

2. history
The ancient name of this region was Rasika. ... From 1st - July - 1998 Dhule District in divided in two districts Viz.Dhule and Nandurbar. ...
http://dhule. gov. in/htmldocs/history. htm

3. GoI –UNDP DRM Programme [2002-2007] Voice of DRM Community ...
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http://data. undp. org. in/dmweb/Voices%20from%20the %20field. pdf

4. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board - Gems and Minars
Station Code :- Name of the Station :- Kan river at Sakri water works: Station Details :- Village- Sakri, Taluka- Dhule, District- Dhule: Name of Programme :- SWNP
http://mpcb. mah. nic. in/envtdata/gemsminar30. php

5. Dhule City
Dhule district, formed in 1819, is one of the oldest districts of ... Dhule district is bounded on the west by Gujarat State and Nandurbar district of ...

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http://cdm. unfccc. int/UserManagement/FileStora ge/XHM7XQVECD4W5XHSN1CEA5PGY0W HF8

7. ____Irrigation system in Dhule
The district of Dhule, located on the north-west tip of Maharashtra ... Dhule district is blessed with two mountain ranges - Satpuda lying east - west ...
http://www. geocities. com/leenameh/8sucharu/panjha ra. html

8. India :: Maharashtra :: Dhule
The all India average has been worked out as the percentage of persons knowing ... tahsils of Dhule district of Maharashtra. The population of these . ...
http://unjobs. org/duty_stations/india/maha rashtra/dhule

9. Red Cross Red Crescent - Appeals
The Dhule district branch volunteers rushed to the ... branch, to assist the Dhule district branch, released Rs.5, ... headquarters had requested the Dhule ...
http://www. ifrc. org/cgi/pdf_appeals. pl?rpts06/INbomb11090601. pdf

10. Welcome to Dhule
Contents Provided, updated & Maintained by Office of the Collector, District Dhule [M.S.] Site Designed ...

11. Income Tax India
Income Tax Department Official Website,Offices,Juris diction of Assessing Officers ... Know your Assessing Officer : Interactive Guide. Addresses ...
http://www. incometaxindia. gov. in/ao/SecondLevel. asp?level=15210&roleid=0 &ncity=DHULE+DISTRICT& nstate=MAHARASHTRA&title=D HULE+DISTRICT&flgcount=2

12. Dhule -
Virological and entomological investigations of an outbreak of dengue fever in Dhule district, Maharashtra. Indian J Med Microbiol 1996; 14 : 25-32. 20. ...
http://www. encyclopedia. com/doc/1E1-Dhule. html

13. The Hindu : National : Forest land diverted for wind energy projects
MUMBAI: Adivasis in Dhule district, Maharashtra, are protesting the diversion of forest land for wind power projects. About 340 hectares of forest land has ...
http://www. hindu. com/2007/03/18/stories/20070 31818830900. htm

14. Dhule District
http://mahapwd. com/gismaps/dhule/default. htm

15. Virological and entomological investigations of an outbreak of ...
ABSTRACT: An outbreak of a febrile illness was reported in April-May 1994 in two villages of Dhule district. The patients complained of fever, bodyache, ...
http://medind. nic. in/imvw/imvw11354. html

Dhule district in the news and top stories

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  The Phad System
A detail case study of the Phad System existing at Dhule district of Maharashtra has been presented under various sub-titles listed below. Henceforth, over the period mentioned above, the skills of the..
http://aditya bastola. blogspot. com/2007/06/p had-system. html

  India:Forest land diverted for wind energy projects
Adivasis in Dhule district, Maharashtra, are protesting the diversion of forest land for wind power projects. About 340 hectares of forest land has been diverted for wind energy projects in Sakri taluka..
http://www. politicsandcu rrentaffairs. co. uk/Forum/show thread. php?t=32001

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